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"The EO, Inc. “Getting Started” DVD was a very useful tool that gave us a thorough introduction to Verbal Behaviour strategies which we can apply hands on immediately. It was informative and helpful and was well presented..."

Mrs. Bedikian
Parent, Melbourne, Australia

Giving a Voice to Those Without

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It’s a fact: one in every 150 children born today is affected by autism*. While this growing neurological disorder is better understood today than a decade ago, there is a great deal more to learn. Too many parents and teachers still lack the knowledge, confidence, and time they need to help these children acquire language and appropriate behavior skills. But there are answers.

Establishing Operations, Inc. (EO, Inc.) is a behavioral consulting company dedicated to unlocking language in children with autism and other developmental disorders. We use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to increase spontaneous language, social interactions and ultimately reciprocal conversations between the children we serve and the people around them.

*2007 report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, author Catherine Rice.
Cherish Twigg is no Longer affiliated with EO Inc.

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Cherish Twigg is No Longer Affiliated with EO Inc

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Detailed. Hands on. Effective.

EO, Inc. provides a full spectrum of services and tools available for verbal behavior instruction – including a supervision program for those seeking BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board) certification.

Range of instructional options.

In addition to school, clinic and in-home program consulting, we present a series of hands on training workshops that provide the skills needed to teach children with language delays using Verbal Behavior (VB) principles. We have also developed a set of instructional DVDs useful for new learners and for those reinforcing professional skills.

Measurable results.

We’ve delivered hundreds of workshops, instructed thousands of parents, educators and consultants who have then implemented applied behavior analysis procedures in their language programs. We know it works because we’ve heard back from our families, tutors and teachers that they are getting results. But more importantly, we’ve heard the children speak – and that’s what it’s all about.

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Download EO, Inc. Company Overview (PDF)

Solutions from One Source

For Teachers
We partner with schools and districts to develop programs and train staff via hands on workshops as well as support DVDs. Follow up consulting and program monitoring services are also available.

For Specialists
Whether you are a therapist, a behavioral specialist or seeking to become a board certified behavior analyst, we can provide training and certification supervision. Contact us to discuss your needs.

For Parents
We know how overwhelmed you can feel when facing the challenges of raising a child with autism. But we believe that communication and behavior skills can be taught through motivation and positive reinforcement. We can give you the tools and confidence you need to work successfully with your child.
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